LINC™ Foundation, Inc.

LINC™ Foundation, Inc, is a global, non-profit organization that promotes resilience and the mental health and social integration and connectedness of individuals, families, and communities. Our goal is to help individuals, families, and communities overcome challenges and achieve goals.

LINC™ Foundation was developed in 1997, and was called on following the 9/11 disaster in New York City to help support and heal the community of lower Manhattan.  LINC™ is committed to helping individuals, families, communities, and organizations access their inherent resilience and resources to overcome difficulties and/or reach their goals. The Foundation was expressly founded to work in the prevention and intervention of trauma, especially from a disastrous event, such as the current opioid crisis, youth suicide, other epidemics, pandemics, and human trafficking.

Our focus is on collaborating with local resources to provide program development, training, and consultation for the public, professionals, organizations, and governments in the US and abroad. We offer training in our Evidence-Based, Best Practice protocols for addiction, mental illness and other chronic or life-threatening illnesses. We work with the community to enhance resilience for dealing with major disaster, healing from trauma, including brain injury, major life transitions and losses, cultural transition, and relationship difficulties.

Our methods all work through training natural change agents as Family and Community Links who are embedded in their own communities for sustainable change and healing. They are based on Transitional Family Therapy, the first integrative family therapy model. The protocols include: Link Community Resilience, ARISE® Comprehensive Care with Intervention, Link Individual Family Empowerment (LIFE), Transitional Family Therapy for Adolescents and Families.

We also provide collaborative educational programs for treatment centers and providers, schools, first responders, families and community organizations, and offer individual, family and business retreats. Services are available on-site and at our Centers through ARISE® Network.

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