LINC™ Fellowship for Serving the Underserved

LINC™ Endowment

The LINC™ Endowment is a fund established primarily for assisting the underserved to access the training and services that they so sorely need. When it comes to addiction services, services for communities in crisis, and those seeking education to serve this population, it is severely underfunded. The LINC™ Endowment is resident within LINC™ Foundation, Inc., a non-profit organization developed for this purpose.

The LINC™ Endowment offers training fellowships for those committed to serving the underserved. Fellowships are typically three years long and fellows are encouraged, and at time obligated to remain in the community that they serve to ensure sustainability. Fellows may elect to be trained (consecutively or simultaneously) in one or more of the protocols (see below):

  • ARISE® Comprehensive Care with Intervention: Training ARISE® Fellows as Certified ARISE® Interventionists (CAIs), educating clinicians in the ARISE® process and collaboration with ARISE® Interventionists, and for raising funds for the partial funding of service for those in need.
  • Link Community Resilience: Training Certified Link Fellows to conduct community-wide resilience building programs, select and support effective Family and Community Links to create sustainable work groups focused on community goals, and for raising funds to provide initial support for the community programs, the fellows and the Links.
  • LIFE: Link Individual Family Empowerment: Training Certified LIFE Fellows to work with groups of individuals suffering from whatever issue is of primary concern to the community. These individuals serve as Links to their families and community of fellow sufferers.
  • TFT: Transitional Family Therapy: Training clinicians as Transitional Family Therapists to provide an effective time-limited outpatient intervention for adolescents and their families.

Our ARISE® treatment partners, protocol sponsors and other interested organizations and individuals are invited to participate in contributing to our 501(c)3 Endowment. When donations are made that are sufficient to fund trainees or fellows, those individuals carry the name of the contributing individual or organization. For an example see the LINC® Fellowship below.

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