LINC™ Philosophy


  • Families are intrinsically healthy and competent
  • People and environments are constantly in transition
  • Individuals, families and communities will find & utilize competence
  • Competence is unavailable when individuals & families are cut off from their extended families and natural support systems
  • To access competence, enlarge & mobilize the natural support system
  • Eliminate the we-they dichotomy and maintain connection to family and culture of origin
  • Connectedness to family and culture of origin is protective against risk-taking behavior
  • Trauma affects all members of the family and community who, in turn, affect each other
  • Loyalty, intergenerational dynamics and protectiveness make families more “powerful” than treatment agents to effect change
  • Families are capable of doing much of the psychosocial and spiritual work needed, given a balance of agency and communion
  • A flexible approach to intervention allows family, friends and support systems to motivate change
  • Emphasis on support and caring allows networks to remain part of any treatment or intervention system to facilitate entry into treatment, treatment and aftercare
  • If psychological or psychiatric treatment is needed then, whenever possible, outpatient intervention is preferred to allow family, friends and community to remain intact and to collaborate with the treatment system

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