LINC™ Endowment

The LINC™ Endowment is a fund established primarily for assisting the underserved to access the training and services that the so sorely need. When it comes to addiction services, services for communities in crisis, and those seeking education to serve this population, it is severely underfunded. The LINC™ Endowment is resident within LINC™ Foundation, a 501(c)3 developed for this purpose.

The LINC™ Endowment offers the LINC™ Fellowship for Serving the Underserved (see below), and for partial scholarships for ARISE® training, training of clinicians in the ARISE® process and collaborating with ARISE® Interventionists, and for raising funds for the partial funding of service for those in need.

Our ARISE® treatment partners, sponsors and other interested organizations and individuals are invited to participate in contributing to the Endowment. When donations are made that are sufficient to fund trainees or fellows, those individuals carry the name of the contributing individual or organization. For an example see the LINC™ Fellowship below.

LINC™ Fellowship

Serving the Underserved

The inaugural LINC™ Fellowship for Serving the Underserved was funded by a generous one-time grant in 2013*. This grant has allowed the LINC™ Endowment to fund 6 national and 1 international fellows for a period of 3 years.


The addiction and mental health fields serve vastly different families and populations; with one of the more significant differences being families with means having greater access to help than those without. Services have traditionally been divided and inequitable, but both addiction and mental health cross all boundaries and affect dissimilar populations equally. Certificate training in Evidence-Based, Best Practice methods has generally followed this inequity since most certificate training that is not provided directly by a treatment service has traditionally been an expensive undertaking.

Program Description

Since ARISE® Comprehensive Care with Invitational Intervention® has been proven to improve engagement, completion and successful treatment outcome rates, ARISE® Network decided to develop a fellowship. The purpose of the “LINC™ Fellowship Program” is to provide ARISE® Comprehensive Care with Invitational Intervention training to interventionists who are currently working, and will continue to work in underserved populations. The endeavor focuses on reducing the devastating effects of addiction in communities where interventionist resources are scarce. The program provides financial assistance to awarded individuals to cover or assist with training fees and related costs as needed (including transportation, lodging, meals), program monitoring for up to 18-months, and administration.

This training fellowship focuses specifically on providing training in ARISE® Comprehensive Care with Invitational Intervention®. Fellowship candidates are nominated and invited to apply based on their demonstrated and continued commitment to serving underserved populations. Our intention is that through this fellowship underserved communities will benefit from this Evidence-Based, Best Practice method.

Vision and Mission

The LINC™ Fellowship is designed to provide training for aspiring Certified ARISE® Interventionists who are committed to serving the individuals and families in an underserved population.


Eligible candidates should be over 18 years old and have shown their commitment to working in the field of addiction and/or mental health, and to serving an underserved population.

The application process can only be initiated by the invitation of the fellowship committee and not by individual application.

Upon invitation to be considered for the fellowship, candidates must complete a personal statement that includes a history of their past and current service to an underserved population, to continue such service for a minimum of 3 years, and a commitment to completing the requirements for Certified ARISE® Interventionist. Successful candidates agree to fully participate in fellowship promotion (media appearances, writing contributions, future candidate support, etc.), and agree to submit regular reports of their progress over the 3-year period.




The LINC™ Fellowship includes participation in the ARISE® Intervention 3-day educational component and 18-months of group supervision.


Covers the expense of both educational and supervision components of the training.


Covers the expense of both educational and supervision components of the training.

Assistance for travel and lodging is considered on a case-by-case basis.

*Click here to read about the 2013-2016 ARISE® Fellows.

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